sevginin makyaj defteri: Mac Blog Çekilişi :))))

sevginin makyaj defteri: Mac Blog Çekilişi :)))): Herkese merhaba :))) Geçenlerde ilk Mac alışverişimi  sizinle paylaşmıştım :)))) Mac Aquatic Collection dan bir tane  can dostum şulem...

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when i last had a man i lost him in the infinite blackness of my hair he was holding on grasping with his greedy hands when he disappeared somewhere around my vast hips i had sung my siren-song and he was gone * * * in the beginning there was my face-off with god and adam i refused to serve his will i refused to tend the garden clad only in my hair i refused to bathe with the animals i refused to be put on my back instead, i sleep with the demons i travel through mirrors, through night i fly with the screech owl and the bat and carry the bodies of babies in my ragged fingers * * * --when i slip naked between your sheets beware that you do not lose your way-- witch that i am, i seduce your husbands i kill your newborns i drive your daughters into the night * * * you accuse me of these witchcrafts (banished me from eden when i whispered his name from my heat into the balmy breeze)

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